United States

Low Level Radioactive Waste (LLRW) Facilities. In the US “low level” includes Class A, B, and C wastes. This includes essentially everything except spent nuclear fuel and weapons grade materials.

Import/Export into and out of the US is governed by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Their website is Many materials may be exchanged with non-prohibited nations through a license US facility by completing a simple administrative form. NRC From 7 is available on the website. Many of the US regulations are available on line at the NRC website. From the website, select Electron Reading Room, and then Regulation (10 CFR)

Burning of waste material
Landfill / Burial
Designated landfill sites suitable for contaminated waste
Radiological Laundry
Companies offering Laundry service for contaminated or potentially contaminated PPE
Smelting & Grit Blasting
Companies offering the smelting service
Companies who can transport active materials
Ni63 + Instrument Sources
Companies who offer Ni63 and other instrument source recycling